MidiCart ASP Plus
Including our demoshop 5-8

Complete package with 4 different layouts and functions
Midicart ASP Plus have support for 10 options/item

Microsoft IIS 4 or 5 (WinNT-Win2000)
Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)

Compatible with the following Credit Card Processors

  • Entrust Bankcard
  • Merchant Processor
  • CoCard
  • High Risk Processors

    Features Midicart ASP Plus
  • Easy to install, with DSN-less connection
  • All words and phrases are easily customizable by adjusting your settingfile
  • Support for 10 options/item
  • Completely customizable layout and functions
  • Offline database builds, and upload with FTP
  • Export database into tab or comma delimited files
  • Importing into database from tab or comma delimited files
  • Database can be of almost unlimited size with excellent performance
  • All pages built "on the fly" from the database
  • Users maintain a "shopping cart" for ordered items
  • Customer friendly shopping cart
  • Customer friendly search engine

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